Roads are the responsibility of Oxford County council.

All local road closure notices passed on to the Parish council will appear under the main home page and appear on the calendar.


Potholes are again the responsibility of the County Council. The council will only fix potholes when they know about them, more importantly they are only liable for damage to cars if they have been informed about them. It is therefore imperative that everyone reports potholes as soon as possible to ensure a rapid fix. If you drive past a pothole every day and think that someone could take a tyre out then please report it, this could easily be you in another location.

The rules for what constitutes a hole that will be fixed are complicated but in general if a hole has an edge of 40mm (1.5″) running across the road then it is very likely to do damage and therefore will be fixed quickly.

Please report potholes to the Highways team on. 0845 310 11 11, via email at

For more information please see: