South Moreton Boxing Club

The South Moreton Boxing Club is a Whitecollar Boxing Club and Fitness Centre offering high quality training and facilities to its members.

In conjunction with our sister club, the South Moreton Fitness Club, we offer a wide range of Classes, Instructors and equipment to provide interesting, varied and challenging training options for all ages and abilities.

Our three main areas of specialty are:

White Collar Boxing

Gym3-300x209Whitecollar boxing offers a safe and dynamic environment where you can learn a skill and, most importantly, get serious results from your training in terms of fitness, toning and conditioning. The idea of Whitecollar boxing is to train you using all the techniques and skills taught to professional fighters. As boxing is the most demanding of sports, this means the skills of bagwork, padwork, skipping, speedball and optional sparring etc. give you balance, co-ordination, symmetry and focus, as well as great toning and fitness results.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is an exploding sport which has developed hugely in the last few years. Essentially incorporating elements of Boxing, Kickboxing, Judo and wrestling, as well as elements of many other martial arts, it is a challenging and exiting way to train. As a new sport MMA has also embraced many new training techniques and innovations helping to make it a fast-changing and dynamic training system.

General Fitness Training

The clubs are located in a beautiful rural setting and offer all the training facilities and equipment offered by traditional health clubs, together with a wide and varied class timetable and highly qualified, experienced instructors. Facilities include:

Gym1-300x200– Fully Equipped Gymnasium
– Circuit Training
– Personal Training
– Specialist Boxing Coaching
– Spin
– Specialist Martial Arts Training
– Strength and Conditioning
– Sports Rehabilitation
– Sports Massage
– Sauna
– Yoga

We pride ourselves on being a friendly and inclusive club, able to offer high quality coaching to all fitness levels and abilities. Whether you are looking to gain a competitive edge in your chosen sport, or thinking of stepping into a gym for the first time, the South Moreton Boxing Club will provide the support and expertise to enable you to achieve your goals.

If you would like a trial PT session or fancy joining one of the Classes, or just want to pop in for a look around and a chat, get in touch by going to the Contact Us page

We look forward to seeing you down the club!

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