South Moreton Parish Council Meeting 30th July

A meeting of the South Moreton Parish Council will be taking place on the30th July at 7:30pm at the South Moreton School. Parishioners are welcome to attend and may contribute to item 3.


  1. To receive councillors’ declarations of interests
  2. To record apologies from PC councillors
  3. To receive comments from the public, and District and County Councillors
  4. To approve the minutes of the 21 May 2014 Annual SMPC meeting
  5. To consider matters arising from the minutes of the 19 March 2014 SMPC meeting not taken elsewhere
  6. To receive reports from clerk and councillors
  7. To consider Recreation Ground matters
  8. To consider Millennium Garden matters
  9. To consider allotment matters
  10. To consider public footpath and highways matters
  11. To consider public transport matters
  12. To consider traffic problems within South Moreton
  13. To consider organisation of village summer event
  14. To consider financial matters
    1. current financial summary
    2. approval of payments
    3. consideration of external audit report
    4. bank mandate
    5. clerk’s contract
  15. To consider planning matters
    1. report on planning decisions
    2. consideration of outstanding applications
  16. To assess risk and its management and consider insurance renewal
  17. To consider Parish Boundary revision proposals
  18. To respond to correspondence and discuss matters arising from item 6
  19. To take AOB at Chairman’s discretion
  20. To schedule the next meeting (September/October 2014)